Dog Arthritis Treatment

Every dog owner whose beloved pet is getting up in years often wonders about dog arthritis treatment. However, there is one important thing that every dog owner should understand, no matter how old their dog is.

Like people, dogs can actually suffer from arthritis at any age, so having a basic understanding of what causes dog arthritis can go a long way. After all, arthritis isnÂ’t just caused by age. There can be other reasons dogs get arthritis too.

Types of Dog Arthritis

The kind of arthritis most people think about is osteoarthritis, which is the kind that is most often found in older dogs. This type of arthritis is simply caused by a lot of wear and tear on the bones and joints, and it is brought on by age. In general, arthritis is caused by the wearing down of the cartilage in the joints.  It can also be caused by a lack of joint liquid in the joints.

Some dog breeds are more prone to arthritis than others, and they may be more likely to suffer from arthritis before they are seniors. Also some dogs are born with joint problems, which also contribute to arthritis.

Sometimes the simplest dog arthritis treatment is simply to help your dog lose weight and exercise more. This is because sometimes arthritis is caused by excessive weight gain. The joints of heavier dogs have a lot more work to do to move the animal around than those of smaller dogs do. Just try to keep your dog's weight at a healthy level, and you will be able to avoid this cause of arthritis.

Infectious arthritis is not thought of very often, but it is actually caused by bacteria inside of the joint. Usually a dog can develop this type of arthritis if it experienced an injury near a joint. Another common form of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis. This form of the disease is actually caused by the dog's own immune system, which malfunctions and causes antibodies to build up in the joints and cause inflammation.

Treatment for Dog Arthritis

Of course the treatment may be slightly different for all of these types of arthritis, even though the symptoms are the same. A dog suffering from arthritis usually stops being active and tends to lie around more. The animal also might wince whenever getting up or when you touch a specific joint. Your veterinarian can prescribe the proper dog arthritis medicine if you suspect that the animal is suffering from arthritis.

One of the most common treatments for dog arthritis is a glucosamine supplement. This nutrient helps reduce inflammation and repair the cartilage that has been disappearing rapidly from your dog's joints. The great thing about these supplements is that they can also help keep the joints healthy and prevent any further deterioration.

If the vet determines that infectious arthritis is the culprit, then he will prescribe antibiotics He may also need to flush the joint out. For rheumatoid arthritis, usually steroid or anti-inflammatory medications will be prescribed.

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