Difficulty housereaking our yorkie mix

by iain


A few months ago we got a little yorkie mix from our local dogs home.

He is now approx 10 months old our problem is he has plenty of exercise and access to our back garden but continually pees in the house despite the fact the back door is open with access to the garden.

We have tried praising him when he does it outside and telling him off when he does it indoors and it is always around the same place.

We are at our wits end, can you recommend something we can try?


Yorkies are among the most difficult breeds of dogs to housebreak, but don’t give up hope!

Make sure that you take him outside every time you might think he has to use the bathroom. This may be as often as every other hour, but should include after meal times, after play times, and just often enough to prevent urination in the house.

Yorkies have very tiny bladders, so keep this in mind.

The key is to continually show him where it’s OK to go. Otherwise he will keep thinking that one place in the house is alright too.

You should also look into getting a special pet cleaner that eliminates the scent of the urine.

Even if you don’t smell it, your Yorkie does, and when he senses that he has urinated in that spot before, he will think that it’s OK to keep doing it.

Many pet stores sell cleaners that are formulated to get rid of urine smells so that dogs don’t keep smelling it.

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Apr 03, 2011
I understand your pain!
by: Anita

We have a 7 month old male named Bentley. He is so full of life and always up to something! He knows that going outside if for going potty. I try to take him out often, BUT he still just lifts his leg, without a thought!!

Maybe I am too old for him? Often I feel that is the case. But he simply loves us and we love him. It is so hard to think of finding him a new home.

I pray you start having better luck with your boy!

Jun 13, 2011
House breaking Yorkie
by: Liz Nicolai

when house training a yorkie dont punish them for accidents inside that will make them scared to "go" around you.

Praise them with treats and nice cuddles. Also when it's night time, dont make a big deal about going to the potty, just take the dog outside, no cuddling or playing, it may seem cruel but if you play with it, the he/she wont go back to bed.

Aug 01, 2011
Silly yorkie training tips
by: Anonymous

Yorkies are famous for housebreaking nightmares. I have a 3 lb male and a 1.6 oz female. They enjoyed the peeing contest for over a year! Piddle pads were in two rooms. I gave them props if they were within a foot of the paper. I bought everything. Like the previous person who posted to get rid of scent. EVERY THING. One day I ran out. There was a can of Amway Pursue disinfectant sitting on the shelf. Sprayed well, ok a lot, damp diaper cloth and floor was clean and shiny. I hit the hot spots and enjoyed those two sillys trying to find where they had piddled! It was so funny. Now the puppy pads hold the stronger scent. They do their business spot on. Job well done and done. Hope this helps.

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