Dangerous Food for Dogs, what do you feed yours?

As mentioned in the article on Dogs and chocolate there are many dangerous food for dogs, chocolate being one of those. If you have not read the above mentioned article then you should be advised that it is not a myth, chocolate is not good for your dog!

When eaten in large amounts, both Grapes and Raisins can be highly lethal to your dog. If you find that your dog has been feasting on either of these foods then you must not hesitate to call for help. Veterinarians recommend that vomiting is induced, also stomach pumping among others procedures.

Turkey is very popular in Europe over Christmas and during Thanksgiving in the USA, this means that there are plenty of scraps going round. White Turkey meat is not harmful to dogs but the dark meat and skin can cause pancreatits in dogs.

Many Nuts are dangerous to dogs. Walnuts can cause episodes of seizuring and even bladder stones. Macadamia nuts have also been noted as being dangerous. The toxin in the nuts affects the skeletal muscles and it has caused some dogs to struggle getting up and a result getting distressed.

Sugarless Candy containing xylitol can cause liver damage and eventually death.

Your dog can be seriously sick if it eats any Garlic or Onions. Onion toxicity can cause Haemolytic Anaemia which is a disease that causes the red blood cells to burst as they circulate the dogs body.

So, if you are thinking of giving your dog some of your food make sure itÂ’s not something that can make it ill! There are plenty of dog treats that you can buy and your dog will be more than happy to eat.

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We will continue to update this page as we go finding out of any other dangerous dog foods, or of any other substances which could prove dangerous to your dog.

If anyone knows of another dangerous food for Dogs which we have not included here please do not hesitate to write in to let us know and we will post it on the site immediately. Who knows, together we could help save many doggy lives!

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I was told by my breeder to not feed my puppy chicken skin or raw chicken.

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