Colors and ears!

by Jenn


I have a 14 week old "positively perfect in every way" yorkie-poodle mix. She is 3/4 yorkie and 1/4 poodle.

Below is a picture of her when I brought her home.

I believe the brown on her face is spreading. Her muzzle and eyebrows used to be the only brown on her face, but now the sides of her nose are brown and around her eyes too.

My first question is will this brown continue to spread?

And, we had a scottish terrier for 15 years who's ears were floppy when we brought her home and then stood up.

Are yorkie ears like this too? I know being a mixed breed anything is possible, but I am just curious.


As you so rightly say, with mixed breeds it is impossible to know how your puppies looks will develop.

When yorkshire terriers are puppies they have a black/tan colouring and as they get older the tan colouring does spread. An older yorkie dog will be a lighter colour than a puppy.

A yorkies ears are floppy when they are puppies and as they get older do tend to stand up. Not all yorkies will have this happen and some people, especially if they want to show their dogs, tape their yorkies ears to build up the cartilage.

I personally think yorkies with floppy ears are very cute :)

If you are thinking about taping her ears I would suggest speaking to a breeder to find out how it should be done.

Although when I was looking into this I found some info that suggests that it is not good for your yorkies ears circulation if you tape them. So if this is a route you want to consider please read carefully and possibly speak to a vet or some other qualified professional to make sure what you are doing will not hurt your puppy in any way.

Once again being a yorkie-poodle mix there is no way of knowing how she will develop, but either way I am sure she will be gorgeous :)

We never received your photo, but we would love to see one. If you get a chance please submit one to the following yorkipoo page.

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