Cleaning Puppy Urine

Accidents do happen so don't be too frantic when your puppy eliminates on the floor. Urine on floors can easily be cleaned with a number of cleaning products that are sold in pet supply stores.

If she urinates on your rug, you want to absorb as much urine as possible by doing the following:

  1. Get a roll of paper towels and take a few sheets and place them over the soiled spot.

  2. Press firmly down with your foot to absorb the urine.

  3. Remove the soiled paper towels off the carpet and repeat the process to lift out 90% of the urine.

  4. Apply to the problem area a bacterial enzyme formula that can be purchased at any pet supply store. You can also use a 50% solution of vinegar and water.

If you have an all-wool rug, I suggest you roll it up or place some padding over it until you are confident that your puppy is thoroughly housebroken.

Wool rugs retain 5% of moisture whereas nylon rugs retain just 2% moisture. You may want to consider using a rug constructed of a new fiber called Olefin which retains only .5% of moisture.

The more urine a rug retains, the greater the chance the urine will leave an odor or stain, and eat away at the cement that holds the rug together.

If you catch your puppy urinating on the floor, don't rush toward her. This will scare her and she may race around the urinating at the same time.

By chasing after her, you are also creating tension - she will learn to sneak off to another room to urinate.

Also avoid picking your puppy up and carrying her when she is urinating - she may leave a trail of urine all over your floors and on you!

The best action to take when you catch her in the process is to startle her by clapping your hands and giving an abrupt verbal command, "Go to the door!"

This may startle her enough to stop the flow. Quickly put a leash on her and lead her outside to the potty area.

Of course the best way to make sure your dog pees outside is to constantly watch her all day, but this is not practical for most of us who have to work during the week.

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