Choosing a dog breed

When you are choosing a dog breed there are many things you should be thinking about. Many people look at buying a dog, not just as addition to the family but also as a companion, a partner for a significant episode of their life. Some of us see a number of different dogs as potential pets but what dog is the right one for you?

In my opinion each person looking to buy or adopt a dog should look at his or her own personality and get a dog to suit that. If you’re an energetic person then go for an energetic dog, perhaps a Doberman or a boxer. If you’re the kind of person who likes being a bit lazy and relaxing then what about a British bulldog? There are hundreds of dogs for hundreds of personalities.

Choosing a dog breed when you are thinking of buying a dog should be fun. It is a moment of decision that should not be taken lightly. Buying a dog is a commitment that will hopefully last more than ten years.

In my case I have two dogs, a black Labrador called Tasha, and a Yorkshire terrier called Harry. Harry is a recent member of the family as he only joined us a couple of years ago. We are the second family he has lived with and so he has taken some time to settle in. I am really happy to say that over the past few months he has begun looking a lot happier and much more at home. He even gets along really well with Tasha!

A Yorkshire terrier is a dog that needs to have attention; it cannot be left alone for exceedingly long periods of time. They do not need enormously big areas to run around in; in fact a apartment would be the perfect size for them.

When it comes to grooming them you must decide whether or not to cut their hair or to let it grow (please read the grooming section) and whether or no to ‘show’ the dog.

Buying a dog like a Yorkie can only bring you joy, they are easy to train and will adapt to your way of life. However, remember that they do need your attention.

Many dogs have different ways of expressing themselves; they have different needs and are easier to train depending on how strict or easy going you are. Some dogs will need a firmer owner just because they are stronger dogs or because they have more tendencies to be aggressive. Others will not need much discipline or training, just a lot of love and attention.

So, when you are thinking about buying a dog don'’t just look at the ones you think are pretty, or strong, or big, or small, look at the ones you think are compatible with you. It’'s kind of like finding someone you love, you’'ve got to find that one person that you think makes you whole, a dog can and in most cases will fill that void in your life.

It is, at the end of the day, a case of finding one that suits you and your personality and your way of life. Choosing a dog breed is an important decision.

Good Hunting!

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