by Joanie
(Lakeland, FL)

We received Carley when my cousin who works for a vet and also does animal rescue took her home when the owners brought her in to be put to sleep.

She had been brought in because she couldn't be potty trained. She was 8 months old. We fell in love with her instantly.

She hadn't been potty trained, but we started right away. I took her for a check up and got all her shots, had her spayed and micro-chipped.

About a month after she was spayed she got really sick. She started eating everying in sight, shoes, paper, sticks, and the wicker basket.

She became blind and just paced all the time.

I took her to the vet and they thought she had a blockage from the wicker. They gave her fluids and flushed her out and she was fine.

About two weeks later, it happened again. I had to take her to my sons vet, because mine was out of town. He flushed her out, took labs on her and told us he thought she had a liver shunt.

We had four vets look at her and an ultra-sound was done. They did not see a shunt and put her on different food and told us it was a wait and see situation.

My vet suggested we take her to the University of Florida Vet School to have them look at her. I took her to the school and they did another ultra-sound on her.

They found a large shunt and scheduled her for surgery. They were wonderful!

It has been almost 6 months since the surgery, and Carley and blossomed. She is getting a beautiful coat, she had been potty trained for months (it just took time and patience).

She is a very loving and wonderful addition to our family.

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