Caring for the Older Yorkie

As your Yorkie gets older you will find that everyday activities will get harder for him. Jumping up and down, running round the house and things that at the moment you take for granted.

Think of it as being extremely similar to that of a senior human being. We also find things harder to do as we get older.

Caring for the older Yorkie, especially your Yorkie is important. Keeping him entertained and mentally stimulated is perhaps not something that you may think is important, but in fact it is.

Dogs that are not kept 'sharp' can become lazy and his body can react in different ways. This means that 'accidents' can very easily become more and more common. The same will most likely happen with sleep, perhaps more during the day and less at night.

Also, his interaction with humans and other animals could very well drop and you may find him almost uninterested in what goes on around him. You may well remember him as a puppy getting very excited when you came home, don't be surprised if the greeting is no more than a wag of the tail.

You could also find that he will not seek attention, he will still want it but he wont want to go looking for it.

Some older Yorkies can also become very disorientated and confused. This is known as 'Old Dog Cognitive Dysfunction' and shares similar characteristics to senility in humans.

Caring for your Yorkie as he gets older is of course important and you can start by being very observant and monitoring his progress.

Check your Yorkies diet is right for his age and medical needs. Naturally, keeping his weight down is vital so that his heart is not working over time - he's only small afterall.

Obese Yorkies can also suffer from joint problems and limited mobility.

A great way to stimulate circulation is to brush your Yorkie frequently. Apart from keeping his coat clean and looking healthy most Yorkie really enjoy a pampering so why not treat him more often.

Exercise is also important, but don't over do it! Make walks shorter but more frequent, this will help him keep fit.

Lastly, give your Yorkie a nice warm bed that will keep him cosy on those cold nights. Warmth is very important to any dog and a comfortable bed will help those joints. Oh, and dont forget all that love!

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