Buying Yorkie

by Kim
(Pueblo, CO)


I am want to buy a female yorkie puppy. However, are pet shops the only safe (reliable) place to purchase one???


When buying a yorkshire terrier I always advise going to a reputable breeder.

Research breeders in the area and choose one. Go and check out their yorkies, see if they look happy, see their interaction with other yorkies in the litter, see their living conditions.

If they look healthy, happy and are being brought up in a nice, clean environment thats great.

After this I would advise asking lots of questions, no matter how silly they might seem. Ask about the yorkies eating habits, behaviour and anything else you feel is relevant.

A good breeder will be happy to provide all of this information and may volunteer some of their own. If they are just in it for the money they might seem impatient and not as eager to help, however a good breeder who genuinely cares about their dogs will want to answer every question and make sure the yorkies are going to a good home.

I hope this helps :)

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