by alex merritt
(victorville, ca)

Brian, (10 months), got into some pesticides on nov 2.

We took him to the vet, and he did everything he could but it was just too much for his little body.

Oh god, we only had him for 2 months. but now im at a loss how to begin life without him.

I didnt even have the strength to bury him, thankfully a great friend was there.

He was never more than 3 feet away from me... I'd give anything and everything for that not to have happened.

I miss him so much.

As I type this, my first entry without him, my feet aren't occupied, and my heart is broken.

He was just a little dog, but he was huge in our lives. It was all just so sudden, 3 hours is all it took.

Our carpet is soaked with the vile stuff that killed him, and we didn't sleep here that night because I didnt want anyone else to get sick.

I treasure all the memories I have of him, and as the things that I do without him increase it is becoming easier to move on.

I will never stop loving brian, as he was my best little buddy, but I am accepting that he is gone, everywhere but my heart.

The ultimate rememberance of him is to get another one, and that's exactly what we hope to do.

The breeder is being more than compassionate and offering us another puppy. He's Brian's little brother as I understand.

We are looking forward to seeing him.

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