Breeding Yorkshire Terriers

Breeding Yorkshire Terriers is becoming a very profitable business. However it is not for everyone. Yorkshire Terrier breeding is both rewarding and time consuming.

To be a breeder you need much more than a registered or pedigree Yorkie. You need time, patience, good people skills, the right personality and the right motives.

Many people thinking of yorkie breeding overlook many of the above mentioned points. They believe that breeding Yorkshire Terriers is a simple and cheap task with great profit involved. This is not the case.

If you are interested in breeding Yorkshire Terriers then you should read the following and decide for yourself whether or not you're the right person for it.

When breeding any dog the first thing to do is to find out whether or not your dog is right for breeding. This means that you should find out if your dog is of good health, has no genetic defects and is not prone to illness.

The reason for this is because there should be no reason for you to breed a dog that will not produce healthy pups. Breeding your Yorkie just for the sake of it is not at all acceptable.

As mentioned above, breeding is not a cheap task, breeding also costs money. You have to create the right environment for the pups to be born in and then you have to feed all of them and pay for their vaccinations.

Also, Yorkshire Terrier puppies are very small and fragile for the first three months of their lives. This further increases the breeders’ responsibility to ensure that they are given the best possible care and attention.

If you have read the section on 'Breeders' then you will know that a good breeder must have the best intentions of its dogs at heart. They are the most important issue when dealing with a potential sale, not the price.

If you feel that you are capable of breeding Yorkshire Terriers after having read about the time and effort it takes to do so then you must look at the next point of interest. Are you the right person?

Being the right person to breed dogs is not a difficult question for you to answer. In fact it is very simple. Will you do what is best for your dogs? If the answer to this question is yes, then go for it.

You must not shy away from asking questions to potential buyers, you must not be afraid to ask them how much time they will have for the dog, how much they can afford for dog food, how much space they have, etc. After all you wouldn’t want them to go to home where they won't be happy.

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