Benji Elias

by Michelle

My fiancé and I purchased Benji because I was in desperate need for a loving pup.

I was looking for a Yorkshire Terrier and found a woman in my home town who just had a litter.

When Benji was a pup he looked just like a pure bred Yorkie, until he started to get a little older. He got so big and kept his black color very soo good that we were wondering if he were truly a pure bred Yorkie.

Recently I have been searching for a Miniature Schnauzer for a companion for Benji and I came upon a website for Snorkies. I started to realize that these puppies looked just like my Benji. I am now looking for another Snorkie just like my Benji.

Benji is an amazingly loving and smart dog. He knows that when he is around me it's snuggle time. He lets me hold him like a baby and kiss his nose, which I love.

When Benji is around my Fiancé, he knows it's play time. Benji is so amazing and I can't imagine life without him.

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