Bella's Tale

by joan
(Palestine, TX)


Having always wanting a Yorkie but getting sidetracked with HL Chinese Crested and Sphynx kitties I decided I wanted to rescue a Yorkie.

I started looking at them online and found a site with a rescue where I saw pictures of several yorkies in need of forever homes.

One little girl struck my heartstrings by her adorable look on her face. she was about one year old and had one of her back legs amputated. she had been a Kennel dog the breeder rescued and he knew nothing else about her. He stated she was sweet, friendly etc etc.

I drove 3 1/2 hours to pick her up.

How adorable!

I came home and wanted to show her to my brother (I live in Texas on his land) so i put a leash and collar on her so if she jumped from my arms i wouldn't lose her. I didn't expect her to like it but she freaked and did the "crocodile death roll".

I was as upset as she was for causing her such stress. So i passed on my brother and went home. She was "frozen" to the spot. So i decide to let her take her time to get used to things and my 2 cresteds and 2 cats.

She would sit or lay across the room. if I touched her -especially if she was asleep and I wanted to pet her - she'd freak.

Well it took a 2 1/2 months to gain her trust and my goodness was it worth it!.

She is the sweetest!

She follows me around from room to room - wherever i go she goes. She now loves to be petted and have her belly rubbed. She'll sit and lay on my lap and she plays with all my other critters.

I am so happy to have her in my family. It goes to show that with a little patience and undstanding a rescue can be quite a wonderful addition to a family. (now all i have to do is potty train her!! LOL)

joan/bella/pearle(cc)cozzi (cc) blaze & Georgie (sphynx)

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Jan 21, 2013
Collars are bad for Yorkies - Use a harness
by: Anonymous

Bella probably freaked because of the collar around her neck. My vet said to NEVER use a collar for anything except for holding ID tags. He said to use a harness for walking. The collar can break their necks or at a minimum, damage their trachaes.

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