Bathing Your Yorkie

When bathing your Yorkie be prepared for a bundle of fun! Dogs quite like the water but they aren't too fond of getting washed by a shower hose.

Right, first thing, check that you have all the necessary items in close proximity. A towel, dog shampoo, brush and a drying mat.

Secondly check your Yorkies hair. Is it tangled and knotted? If so, give it a quick brush in order to loosen it. This will make it easier to wash.

If you think that the hair is far too tangled to be brushed then apply a de-matting spray. This will take effect after about 10 mins. Then try again.

Once you have the hair at an acceptable level begin the washing procedure.

Bathing your Yorkie in the bath tub will require a non-slip mat. Your Yorkie must feel safe and sliding all over like a figure skater at the winter Olympics is not going to do much for its confidence!

The first few times your Yorkie might try and escape, this is probably because they are not quite sure what to expect and if you have taken him out in the rain you might have found that water is not his best friend.

Using the sink is also acceptable but you have to keep a closer eye on your Yorkie because the drop from the sink can be dangerous and he might get injured when trying to escape!

Onto the washing then.....

The water should be of a lukewarm temperature and not too powerful when coming out of the shower head or tap.

Yorkie ears are delicate so using cotton wool is a great idea. This will keep the water out and will also give then a little clean.

Its eyes are also delicate so make sure you don't spray any water directly at then and if you are rinsing around them cover them with your hand or gently direct the water away. Whatever you do, don't get shampoo in the eyes.

When bathing your yorkie, cleaning the belly is sometimes tricky because you're not sure if you are hitting all the spots but gently lifting the front paws will more less guarantee that you've done a good job of it. When applying shampoo be sure to get in all the difficult spots and then rinse them thoroughly.

Do the same over the rest of the body making sure that there is no sign of shampoo anywhere on the body, especially around the bottom because this can cause irritation.

If you are using a conditioner then apply and rinse as before, once again making sure there is none left.

Once you are sure there is are no chemicals in your Yorkies hair give him a soft cuddle and dry with a towel. Alternatively you could wrap him up tight in a bath robe.

Do not let him run around with wet hair if it is a cold day because there’s a good chance he will get a cold. You can use a hairdryer if need be but do not have it on too hot and not too close to the skin.

Once your yorkie is nice and dry, why not finish up with a pair of cute Pyjamas?

Be careful when bathing your Yorkie. Make the conditions as pleasant as possible and when you are done give him plenty of praise.

Try our dog grooming supplies page for some of the things needed when it comes to bath time.

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