Basic Dog Commands

Every dog should have an idea of some of the basic dog commands that are commonly used. This helps with everyday life and will give both you and your dog great satisfaction on completion.

The basic dog commands are:

  • COME

  • HEEL

  • SIT

  • DOWN

  • STAY

Have you ever considered the importance of these basic commands?

Let's imagine a little situation. You are out in the park with your beloved yorkie. He hears another dog across the street barking at him.

Before you know it, he's bolting off towards the other dog! You shout for him to stop, but he ignores your commands and carries on running towards the busy street!

As he nears the road he takes no notice of a fast approaching car and continues running full speed ahead!

I'm sure you can imagine what happens next?

I for one, feel that I have a responsibility to keep my dogs safe at all times. They are completely dependent on me to make sure these situations never happen.

If you would like to know how to teach your yorkie these commands then I would recommend you take a look at our yorkshire terrier training guide which has been specially written for Yorkshire terriers.

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