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....anything about your yorkshire terriers health!

Do you have a question you have been wanting to ask a vet?

What if you were offered a service where it is possible to get veterinary advice about your yorkies health at any hour and for a very affordable price?

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Ask a question, get an answer ASAP.

Try the online veterinary service, you will not be disappointed!

We all worry about our yorkshire terriers health and as good carers for our little ones there are times when we are worried about a health problem or a new symptom.

In these cases it is great to have access to a service where you know you can contact a qualified vet and where you will get an answer normally within a couple of hours if not sooner.

All this can be done without even leaving the house!

You do have to pay for the service but it will only cost between $9-12, which when you think about the peace of mind you get isn’t much.

You’d probably spend more on the drive to your vets, let alone the actual vets' bill!

You also only pay for the answers you accept, so if you do not feel you have been helped you do not have to accept the answer.

You can ask the vets any question you want about your yorkshire terriers health or any yorkie health problems you want right here.

Please do not use this online veterinary service if your yorkie seems seriously ill, is in a lot of pain, has been injured or any other emergency situation. Take your yorkishire terrier straight to your vet or an emergency 24 hour vet service in any of these cases!

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