Are Yorkies water dogs?

by John


How are Yorkies around water? Do they like to swim? Are they comfortable in canoes?


Yorkies are not really built for swimming. Some can and some can't :)

You will need to test how your yorkie does in water. It also depends on whether he likes water or doesn't.

Our yorkie Harry definately falls in the latter group!

However, I have also had some readers who tell me their yorkies absolutely love water and love swimming.

When first taking your yorkie for a swim make sure you stay very close to him. Chances are the water will be deep for him, they are only small after all :)

A lot of people buy their dogs life vests when starting out swimming.

One reader told us that her yorkie loves to swim but couldn't really do it very well. Since they bought him a life vest he can handle it all a lot better and has a great time in their pool :)

Happy swimming!

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Feb 16, 2010
yorkies and water
by: midgits mom

My baby loved the water if she heard anyone say boat she was the first on on the dock and in the boat.

When we lived on our 35 ft cabin cruiser she would jump off the bow of the boat and chase the ducks then the ducks would turn around after her it was a riot. But she always got to us before the ducks got any where near her and soon as she was in reaching distance the ducks wouldn't come any closer.

When we were here at home she would jump from the dock to the boat and she loved to swim on the beach with the kids.

Rolling in the sand and everything. She was actually a water baby. She loved boats and loved to go in the car.

If your Yorkie is young try putting an inch of water in the sink or tub and see how he/she reacts splash your hand around a little bit to make the water move put few water toys in with her.

She always wore her life jacket when we were on the boat and if we could catch her before she got out of the house we'd put it on her and when we caught her Bam it was on her in a flash before she hit the docks and the water.

So what i am trying to say is take it slow and treat her/him as if they were an infant/toddler

We had a Yorkie before squirt and his name was Scuffy. He liked the water but there was only one problem he was butt heavy.

In other words he couldn't keep his hind end up and when he ever fell in the water he would sink straight to the bottom with someone right there to pull him up he always had a life jacket on after we found out he was bottom heavy :)

Jul 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

How old was your puppy when he first went into the water??? I'm scared to take him to the boat because he is sooooo little :) Thanks!

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