Are Yorkies water dogs?

by John


How are Yorkies around water? Do they like to swim? Are they comfortable in canoes?


Yorkies are not really built for swimming. Some can and some can't :)

You will need to test how your yorkie does in water. It also depends on whether he likes water or doesn't.

Our yorkie Harry definately falls in the latter group!

However, I have also had some readers who tell me their yorkies absolutely love water and love swimming.

When first taking your yorkie for a swim make sure you stay very close to him. Chances are the water will be deep for him, they are only small after all :)

A lot of people buy their dogs life vests when starting out swimming.

One reader told us that her yorkie loves to swim but couldn't really do it very well. Since they bought him a life vest he can handle it all a lot better and has a great time in their pool :)

Happy swimming!

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Jul 07, 2013
Loving the water
by: Lori S.

I have a 1 1/2 yr old yorkie and he LOVES swimming! I cannot stop him from throwing him self in the pool either from the shallow end or deep end with or without vest, and he knows how to get out. He makes us laugh because when he takes a break he sits on a lounge chair in the sun and when he gets hot again he jumps in and out again at will!
Hes an excellent swimmer. It does not matter if there is anyone in the pool he just gets in as soon as we take him into the yard. We are always with him and watching him. He even jumps off diving board!
Love him!!!!


Jun 30, 2014
Copper Loves To Swim
by: June P.

We have a 5 month old yorkie who LOVES to swim. When he was only 10 weeks old and we had just opened our pool...he ran right out to it and jumped in. We were shocked and got him out right away...He continued to do this everytime we would let him outside...So we taught him where the steps were and how to get out on his own. He also lays out on a lounge chair to get dry and then sometimes just goes and lays on the first step of the pool to get his tummy wet. I love my Yorkie!!!

Mar 16, 2015
Yorkies rock
by: Anonymous

My yorkie loves to swim winter or summer she just jumps in. Shes a really good summer! but she HATES baths she acts like im trying to kill her everytime i put her in the bath to clean off.

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