An Update With Our Situation...

by Elizabeth
(Jacksonville, Texas)

Hello All,
You may remember my story. I am the young woman with the terminal illness who lost her Mini Schnauzer Therapet (next month on the 3rd will be a year).

I had mentioned that we were going to get a Yorkie Poo.

Well, all seemed to be going well. We brought him home on Friday but he only remained with us until Tuesday and had to be returned.

You see, I am sick. I am limited (although I fully make every attempt to live my life) and there is simply some things that are beyond my capabilities in everyday life.

I don't like it but that's the cards that I've been dealt and so I must play my hand. The people that we got the dog from seemed honest, straightforward and loving. They also knew my situation.

Unfortunately for us, the dog would not eat and would drink little. He consumed a lot of grass and appeared to be overall either severly depressed or worse...ill, we'll never know as I chose not to bury yet another dog so soon.

The people had told us that he rec'd monthly worming (as he should), current on rabies, and UTD on all vaccinations (as so we were informed that they also used the same Vet that we ourselves used and they had records on the dog there for reference).

What makes all of this worse is the fact that I knew these people personally.

Monday morning I called the Vet just as soon as they opened because (if) the dog needed to be updated on any vaccines, etc. we were going to simply bring him in.

Turns out, the office had no records on file of the dog or even the people. Nothing. We were informed that he was negative on heartworm ( a killer in dogs), had had his parvo injection, etc. and had no worms.

The dog was approx. 12-13 in. in height and weighed (maybe) 9-10 lbs., very skinny but some dogs are simply gaunt and like I said, we KNEW THE PEOPLE.

Also, on Saturday after I had gave the dog a nice bath, I noticed fleas, a lot of fleas and I didn't notice this at their home. He needed to be groomed and yet we were willing to do this because he was a sweet dog with a wonderful disposition.

As I was making an attempt to trim some mats out of his hair (yes, mats), I noticed that his back foot was missing all of it's toenails and he did'nt have 5 pads, he had one huge pad that covered the bottom of the foot. It was very odd. I never found out what had happened.

Please understand, we clearly knew that the dog could not help it. We never blamed him. The fact is that he was alot of work for me just trying to get him well.

Well, I wish nothing bad on anyone because that is not my nature but surely anything that is done to animals and children will come back to those who do those things.

I simply believe that God has a special place for these people but I am not the judge. I can only try to live my life in accordance to His plan and try to do what is right in this world. We will all have our own judgement to face someday.

We are now anxiously awaiting on Saturday. I am looking to get a 9 yr. old spayed female Yorkie.

She "retired" from breeding at age 7 yrs. and the breeder had her spayed at that time. After speaking with this gentleman for a long period of time I was convinced that perhaps he could be godsend.

He and his wife have been breeding Yorkies for over 20 yrs. and was very knowledgeable about the breed.

I think whatever is meant to be will be.

Earlier in the week I managed to call a woman who too was a "breeder" of Yorkies. I was informed that she had a 2 yr. old male that she wasn't going to breed and I was welcome to him.

She did, however, want to come out to our home with him to see his enviroment and how he interacts with me. That was no problem. She informed me that she would call at 6PM. that evening to make the arrangements. Around 8PM. I had not heard from her so I called her.

She informed me that they did not want to go through with this and "if I/we could not afford her $800 puppies, then there was no way that I/we could afford to care for her 2 yr. old male.

I did not know what to say. Basically I was informed that I/we were not "good enough" simply because I have to invest most of my money into my medications and doctor appts. plus trying to pay our bills and raise our 11 yr. old son. So be that.

I was extremely hurt. I cried myself to sleep. I had my heart so set on this dog. It wasn't just about not being able to get him, it was about how I was spoken to.

I have never intentionally tried to hurt anyone. It's hard for me to understand people's motives but again, I am not the judge. "Judge not least you be judged".

I can only hope that I will truly find my new companion.

For the person who commented on my previous story about loosing my Therapet...remain strong, pray and believe.

I never believed in the saying that "time heals hurt" but it does. It never will take away your memories or your love for your dog but you would not want it to.

You truly can love again and I think that you should. You seem to have a lot of love and compassion inside of you, obviously, there are dogs out there who need someone just like you and who knows, we all have "something special" that God sent us on this Earth to do, maybe yours is taking care of some special dog. That is how I try to see it.

Take care to everyone.

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Feb 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am the same person who replied to your last posting. I am sorry for all that you are going through. People tend to disappoint us unlike a furry baby. So unfortunte that you are having to go through this.
I will pray that God will send you a special furry baby.

I love animals, absolutely love them! I write many, many letters to Congress to save our animals from cruelty and extinction. They are not heard, so we must be their voice. So I write, I rally, I plead and pray for justice and freedom.

My Yorkie was my heart............. I have 2 children, a husband, 2 rescue cats, guinea pig, dwarf hamster, 2 gold fish, dwarf frog. Oh and a little cat that visits everyday for a can of Fancy Feast. My neighbors know to come to me if they have lost their pet or need help caring for their pets while on vacation.
I will tell you this my Yorkie Lalique was born in my heart. Her face, big beautiful loving brown eyes,she always had smile on her face especially for the camera (sounds silly but true). Those special little snuffaluffagus sounds and her sweet clean scent (Johnson's baby shampoo).......I can go on. My baby, my precious baby......... I miss her. Her ashes are on my night stand in a wooden box that displays her picture and plays "The Wind Beneath My Wings". She truly was my heart!
I will keep you in my prayers and ask God to bring you a special furry baby. Take good care of yourself my friend.

Best Regards,

Aug 15, 2010
Your Love For Yorkies
by: Beverly

There is more happiness in giving than recieving, so Yorkies must be the happiest dogs on earth. They give in such a personal way, that is unique to what you need. Impossible to replace as each one is, you will find another to give you the missing piece in your life. I am so sorry to hear how you must be struggling with bigger issue of your own health. Stay as positive and loving as you are and continue to inspire courage for others. Peace be with you.

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