Hi... We have a 4 year old Silky Terrier that continues to pee in the house (intermittently) both at night when we are sleeping and at other times when we leave him alone in the house.

He regularly goes out just before bedtime and knows that he is doing something wrong when we see it in the morning.

He goes daily to work with my partner so is used to being a big part of things and has never handled being alone.

He shakes and stresses and sometimes yaps until we get home. We are slowly leaving him for small periods during the day outside (where he usually yelps) and when we go out to dinner at night we leave him in the house and he usually pees on the floor.

We are both frustrated as it is limiting our ability to do things on our own and would welcome any suggestions you might have.

Thank you!


This sounds like a case of seperation anxiety. One of the signs of this is peeing inappropriately even though he knows it is wrong.

This is due to boredom in most cases. A few suggestions might be to take him for extra long walks before leaving the house so that he is very tired and just wants to sleep. A tired dog will not be as destructive or loud in the house.

Also whenever you come back from being out do not make a huge fuss over him, just walk in quietly and take him for a walk. Same when you are leaving the house. You must make all your comings and goings very boring and there can be no fuss when they are happening.

Is your yorkie crate trained? Crate Training is a great idea for when you have to leave your yorkie alone and even for night times.

The key is to make the dog crate into a safe place for your yorkie.

The dog training e-book mentioned here could also help out!

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