All About My Morkies - Isabelle and Duncan

by April

Isabelle is three years old and she is a cream morkie.

She is the best dog we have ever owned! Our entire family absolutely adores her.

She has the best traits of both breeds, full of energy, but not wild. She is sweet, loves to cuddle...very, VERY good with children of all ages.

She is loyal and devoted. She is about 5 pounds full grown. She was not difficult to potty train (I guess compared to the stories I have heard about Yorkies.)

She is NOT an excessive barker, like I read above in the Morkie "traits" She is very obedient as well...all around.

I have not one negative thing to say about the Morkie breed. We have suggested the breed to all of our friends.

We loved her so much, that we bought a second Morkie, Duncan...a boy.

I wasn't sure at first if we had just gotten lucky with Isabelle being such a sweetheart, or if it was truly a breed trait.

I quickly realized that Duncan was all the things I loved about Isabelle and much, much more!

He has his own special, adorable personality....along with having the same things in him that made us fall in love with the breed....

Not shy of people, friendly, great with kids, love being with people, love sleeping on laps and being carried and NOT shivery like Yorkies...(that drives me crazy when I meet a dog and it shivers the whole time like I'm a monster!!!)

They are bold as lions but sweet as lambs.

Isabelle, the cream Morkie, has much more of the Maltese gene in her....her appearance falls more to that side...her fur is softly wavy like the Maltese and soft and fluffy.

While Duncan prominent gene is Yorkie....He started out black and tan (looking just like a Yorkie pup) but then on his first grooming revealed the silver Yorkie fur underneath...

He also has the large Yorkie ears that that want to stand up, while Izzy has the folded ears of the Maltese...

I have to say, this breed is a fantastic mixture of two wonderful breeds that has succeeded in taking the best traits of both and put it into one, beautiful, loving dog.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Morkies!!!!!

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