Aggressive Barking

by Natasha
(North Carolina)


I adopted my yorkie, Roscoe about two weeks ago. He has been a sweet little angel until this past weekend. Everytime someone enters the room he goes balistic. He barks and shows his teeth like he is going to attack them. I need help/advice on how to fix this. He has started to do this with my 10 year old son, who is semi-afraid of dogs anyway. Please help!


Has something happened to Roscoe recently that could have caused this change in behaviour? This might be caused by fear of something. Do you know what Roscoes history was before you adopted him? Was he ever mistreated or anything of the sort?

It could also be caused by pain or some other illness which your yorkie handles by becoming agressive. I would advise taking Roscoe to the vet just to make sure everything is ok.

If it is some after effects of the way he was treated before you adopted him your training is gong to need to involve lots of reassuring and kindness.

If this is a behavioural problem you need to lay down some rules now. Your yorkie must always know that you are in charge not him. You will need lots of patience and consistency when training him. You must ignore him completely when he acts up and as soon as he is behaving again reward with a treat or a kind word.

Housetraining yorkshire terriers

Please keep us posted on how your yorkie gets on and if anyone has any other advice for Natasha please share it with us.

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