Advantages associated with the adoption of Yorkshire terriers

Below I have listed bunch of reasons why I think the adoption of Yorkshire terriers is worth your while (in my opinion), as opposed to buying a yorkie.

  • Those of you who have owned a puppy before will know that there is always a chewing problem when they are teething. If you decide to adopt you will avoid this stage of a puppys life and this will save money on new underwear!

  • If you read considerations before buying a Yorkshire terrier you will know that Yorkshire terriers are one of the hardest breeds to housetrain. Through the adoption of Yorkshire terriers, chances are that they may already be housebroken.

  • A puppy can be very demanding at nighttime, a little like having a child! If you decide to go for an older rescued dog it would mean you could get a good nights sleep.

  • Through adoption a dog is more likely to create a greater bond with its new owners. Remember a homeless or abandoned dog will have gone through a very hard time. These dogs are likely to bond very deeply with their new loving family to ensure never going homeless again!

  • If you decide to adopt a Yorkshire terrier it means that there will not be as many trips to the vet necessary. When you buy a puppy there is a series of shots and vaccinations that need to be paid for. Taking part in the adoption of Yorkshire terriers means that all of these shots will already have been taken care of. This will make the cost of the dog cheaper.

  • Another advantage is that getting an adult dog you will know exactly what you are getting, with regards to how big the dog will get, how easily trained, what personality and temperament he will have and how active.

  • The best reason by far though, in my eyes, is the fact that you get to save a life. There are many shelters which will attempt to find a good home for their yorkies and any other dogs they might have, however if they cannot find a home many will have to put the dogs down! You can stop this happening!

So, now what do you think about the adoption of yorkshire terriers? I think it sounds like the perfect setup for both future owners and for the dogs in this situation who need a good home!

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