About my teacup yorkie Tigger

by Jeannine
(Daly City, CA)


I have had a problem training and understanding about him because I have never owned a yorkshire terrier before.

I would like more information about how to properly train yorkies and get rid of some of the bad habits he has.

We have had him for over a year and I finally found this site and I don't know who to talk to or where to go.

He barks excessably and is sort of crate trained with a pad in his pen but I can't let him roam freely in the house sometimes because of that and also he bites alot and generally he is sweet but very high strung.

My daughter is actually his owner she is 14 but I am generally the one who takes care of his daily needs we love him so much I just want to be able to train him properly.

My daughters dad lives here too but generally he gets upset with him and yells at him or taps his nose because of his behavior.

I myself give him plenty of attention and I don't yell at him or tap him.

He also has a jealousy problem such as biting and growling when I kiss my daughter or when he is sitting with me when my daughter gets up suddenly and such.

Please help me to understand so I can properly train him.


Yorkshire terriers are very intelligent dogs so as long as you are very clear on what is allowed and what isn’t they should have no problem understanding and following orders. It is important to have one main person in the household responsible for his training, if there are many people telling him what to do he might get confused as to what is expected of him.

I would advise reading about these 6 basic rules when training Yorkshire terriers for some guidelines.

I would also recommend reading through the resources provided on the site for different training tips, starting with our housetraining Yorkshire terriers page.

Always remember it is a good idea to just ignore after saying a firm NO when he has done wrong and always rewarding and praising when he has been good.

If your yorkie tends to bite and chew things when he is roaming about the house, you can buy a deterrent spray which has a very bitter taste and he will not want to go back to chew again. The product is made from natural ingredients and will cause no harm to your yorkie.

For the barking and growling you can get a spray bottle filled with water and when he starts growling at you give him a light spray at the same time as saying a firm NO, he will come to understand that it is not acceptable behaviour.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Remember training your yorkie will require a lot of patience and what works for one does not necessarily work for another.

If anyone else has any other helpful training tips please share with them with us :)

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Jan 19, 2010
Biting habits...
by: Anonymous

We have a almost 5 moonth old Yorkie, Carlie... She is the sweetest.... She will not bite on my husand at all... But when she is with me she is wanting to bite on my hands all the time... and my toes.... She doesn't bother his at all.... I need help????

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