A sudden goodbye...

We had to put our little baby to sleep today.

She started having breathing difficulties the other night and we thought she was suffering from bad allergies - after all it is that time of year! So I took her to our Vet to see if we could get her some relief.

The Vet wanted to do some X-rays to make sure there wasn't any inflammation in her lungs and BAM we were hit hard.

It wasn't allergies at all. Her heart, liver and spleen were all enlarged and her trachea was partially collapsed.

I was in shock. We rushed her to a speciality hospital and they placed her in an oxygen box. She started breathing better but within seconds of being removed she would gasp and struggle for air.

It was awful to see her suffer. After weighing all her options, we chose to let her sleep.

She was 3 weeks shy of her 12th birthday. Our only comfort was knowing she was pain free and running in the fields of heaven with our male who passed away 13 months prior.

He was also 12 yrs old when he passed. He also had an enlarged heart and liver but since he was able to breathe on his own they allowed us to take him home to pass away in our arms.

The Animal Hospital did allow us to hold our baby girl while they put her into permanent slumber.

All of our love and preventative measure failed to prevent this apparently very common occurrence. They were not from the same litter nor related in any manner except through our love.

Rest in Peace my beautiful babies
Booda 3/7/2001 - 2/5/2013
Dharma 5/3/2002.- 4/10/2014

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