A proud mommy of 2 female teacup yorkies!!!

by Letitia Williams
(Stratford, CT USA)


We have just added a new yorkie to the family; "TinkerBell" and she is 8 weeks old.

I have wanted to another yoorkshire terrier to the family for the past three years, but was very afraid too, because "GUCCI" the Queen of this castle has been running the show for the past seven years.

I became disabled in 2005 due to a motor vech. accident and so I have spent all my days and nights just sleeping,cuddling or just one of those days when I just cant get out of the bed; and through it all she right up my rear end.

She suffers from seperation anxiety and is very possesive of me.

Now I just brought home Tinky 8weeks old, very playful,active and teething- NOT for one second will Gucci let her any where near her space without attacking this poor baby.

Gucci has never had a relation with another dog; honestly she thinks she's is human.

PLEASE HELP US; IM afraid Gucci may have a heart attack or something.

Will this work out ever????

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Aug 01, 2011
I have a King of the Castle
by: Anonymous

I sincerely hope you get some answers because I have a five year old King of the castle...same story, different dog. He is 5 years old now and I have considered getting a rescue Yorkie. But he does not like other dogs at all. He tolerates the two cats I have, and loves people.

Sep 24, 2011
Good Luck
by: Yorkie mom

Did you get Guccie from yorkie friend rescue,because his name is familar. Next time you get a dog wait till they are 12 weeks old ok cause they are still attached to there mother and still learning what to do ok but I can't remember if you said if she was weeks or months sorry if it was months good luck with Gucci and your little girl!!

Feb 02, 2012
Sibling Rivalry
by: Yorkie Mom X2

First let me say I understand your disability situation as i too am disabled dur to multiple strokes. Second, I'm also mommy to two Yorkies. One now 11yrs, the other 10yrs. I've also raised & bred show dogs in the past. So while others may have more experience, I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable. My concern with your post is that, by your own admission, you knowing brought a new puppy into a household with an already clingy, anxious, possessive adult dog just because YOU wanted another. In essence you did what you wanted not what was best for the household including your current dog. Since Yorkies do tend to live longer even with health problems, you could be in for a very long road of constant jealousy. Making matters worse your new puppy is a teacup which means she is tinier and much more fragile than your adult dog. It's not fair to either dog. You are in essence telling the older dog that she's not worth your time, attention or love and the new pup will likely develop into a very skittish dog because of the displaced anger towards her from the older dog. Having multiple dogs does work in most situations but should never be at the cost of the current resident pet. We all know if our pets can handle a new friend or not. I'm sorry if you don't like my response but it serves no purpose to sugar coat a bad situation. It's simply not fair to your older dog. You made a commitment when you brought home the first dog and unfortunately my suggestion is for you to find a good, safe, loving home for the new puppy before you become too overly attached and cause damage to the new pup.

Apr 04, 2012
multiple dog owner
by: jewels

thats a bit unfair we could say same thing about our kids when bringing a new baby home, i have 8 dogs 4 yorkies two cross terriers, boarder collier and field spaniel who are all different in ages, some iv had from young pups others iv rescued all have different temperments and needs. all my dogs get along fine but do have there grumbles about one thing or another. As a dog owner and one that suffers from osteoartheritis and m.e, i treat them all the same, we give them plenty of love and attention and learn to know what niggles each one so we can be there when ones not happy, settling in is the most hardest but in time they come to accept each other has time goes on, we dont spoil one over the other they all get there treat at the same time and give them space if they need it, hope you have decided to keep your puppy its all about love and compassion and giving them time to settle in dont expect things to happen over night, things take time so dont rush them, best of luck a happy dog owner x

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