A little Millie from a Puppy Mill

by Angele Cote
(Gibsons BC Canada)

Millie & Kobe

Millie & Kobe

In December 2003, my husband just had heart open surgery at 90 years of age and he was recovering at home. At the same time we had lost our little dog (14 years of age) a rescue from the Vancouver SPCA.

I was thinking of adopting a cat as a Christmas gift for myself when I went to our local SPCA. After hearing of my loss they suggested that I visit a little Yorkie rescue from a puppy mill.

She was in a foster home and as luck will have it I knew the people who were taking care of her.

I told my husband and we just fell in love when we saw her.

She was a little adult female who had her share of hardship having been bred heavily, her belly was all streched and she had very few teeth left in her mouth.

She is our precious little Millie for 4 years in December and she is the sweetest and most beautiful dog you can imagine.

In August 06, we adopted another Yorkie from the shelter, a little male Kobe who was abandoned at age 6, he is gorgeous as well and gets along very well with Millie.

We have been blessed. My husband is still alive, 94 now and he is so happy with our little companions.

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Dec 19, 2008
by: Jeanie

I found a little 9 yr. old Yorkie female on Craig's List who had been abused,locked in a bathroom all day, not spayed and had rotting teeth..I went to visit and although I wanted her for myself she immediately bonded with my 16 year old son.

Ruby has since been spayed,had dental cleaning and 2 teeth pulled, She fetches,rolls over and plays dead. The vet says she is in good shape for an older dog. The paper I got with her said she was in a shelter in Utah,so I called and using her case number I found out she was picked up as a stray and her owner came for her after 3 weeks! So she was not spayed and then the owner gave her to a family with kids and that was a mistake the kids kicked at her and broke her leg and they gave her away to yet another family and they decided they wanted a big dog and put her on Craig's List. I found her and knew she needed my family and although she has chosen my son as her best friend I let her know I love her too..

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