Tying your Yorkies Topknot

Yorkshire terriers are famed for their elegant strut and adorable poses. The topknot is a must do for those of you who want to show your Yorkie.

Topknots are not only great to look at but they also keep the hair out of your Yorkies eyes, which is good too.

To get a topknot looking good and also feeling good follow the instructions below.

Gather all the hair around your Yorkies eyes, over the top of the head and around the ears.

Brush all the hair out to make sure there are no knots and that it is easy to handle.

Once it is brushed out and you have it all gathered together use an elastic/rubber band to hold it all together. Make sure the elastic band is tight enough to hold it all in place.

However, do not make it too tight because your Yorkie will not find it comfortable at all. Yorkies must be happy with their appearance and feel comfortable, especially with a topknot.

Once the topknot is tied you can attach a red bow for all to see. This is one of the great sites at dog shows, seeing so many Yorkies with red bows, and looking so happy with them.

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