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Yorkie Central, Issue #046
September 16, 2013

Welcome to Yorkie Central!

Issue : 46

Sept 2013

Here at Yorkie Central we hope to give you the latest in Yorkshire Terrier and dog news in general.

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In this issue you will find:

  • What to do in case of Flea Infestation
  • Latest on website - What Are Puppy Mills?
  • Yorkie e-book

Hi all,

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Dealing With a Flea Infestation

I was contacted last week by one of our readers who needed help because both her yorkie mix and cat had a flea infestation.

It is very important to learn about the flea life cycle and how to kill the fleas in each stage. This page should help, Flea Life Cycle , but I’ll go through the main points here.

• The adult flea stage is when our yorkies will suffer, but only 5% will be at this stage at any one point, so it is important to tackle them at the other stages.

• Flea eggs once they are laid can get pretty much anywhere, on your pets bed, in the carpets, on your furniture. Even though you don’t see any fleas your house could be full of the eggs. It is very important to kill the eggs before they hatch.

• Make sure to give the house a good vacuuming to get rid of the eggs in the carpets.

• The best herbal flea control for your dog will be using eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is a flea repellent; however it is toxic to dogs. I use eucalyptus round my house in areas my yorkie cannot get to e.g. in the furniture or under the carpet. This will kill the fleas but more importantly their eggs.

• If you grow plants, it would be worth looking into growing lavender and mint. Both these herbs are non-toxic to animals and will repel dog fleas. If you already grow lavender try drying a small amount of the flowers and place them in your dog bed. The mint must also be dried and then can be used just about anywhere in the house. Try using it in your dogs’ bed, on your sofa, under your carpets and in your furniture.

• On the following page you can read more about Herbal Flea Control

• You might also be interested in the following page about how to treat flea bites.

I hope this has helped give you ideas to start dealing with the flea infestation. If you have any further questions please ask us on our facebook page as I will see it quickly and there are also loads of other yorkie lovers on there who could help us. Somebody else might have more ideas or a home remedy we don’t know of.

Last Added

What are Puppy Mills - To animal lovers it is one of most inhumane things that a person can do to a dog. People who run these breeding farms are more concerned with profit than the animals welfare.

Yorkie E-Book

Buy Our Training Yorkshire Terriers e-book

For those of you that purchase the ebook, I would appreciate it if you could drop me an email and give me some feedback on what you have read. I will be recording all feedback received and use that information to create future revisions of the book.

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think! From all of us here at Yorkie Central have a great month! We look forward to hearing your comments and getting the next edition of Yorkie Central ready for you and your friends!


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