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Yorkie Central, Issue #043
August 01, 2013

Welcome to Yorkie Central!

Issue : 43

August 2013

Here at Yorkie Central we hope to give you the latest in Yorkshire Terrier and dog news in general.

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In this issue you will find:

  • Leaving a Yorkie Alone while at Work
  • Latest Article - 5 Small Dog Training Mistakes
  • Yorkie e-book

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Leaving a Yorkie Alone while at Work

Some pet owners go to work only to return home to a loving dog and household still intact. However, there are some dogs that suffer from “Separation Anxiety”, which can be mild or quite serious. Although this is something that can affect virtually any breed, it seems as if smaller dogs have a more difficult time. For example, some people who own Yorkshire terriers have reported returning home to an extremely hyper and nervous dog but even worse, major destruction to things within the home.

While a challenge, remember that through proper training it is possible to teach a dog to remain calm while home alone. Because dogs are social by nature, they love being around people so when an owner leaves the animal alone anxiety and stress can develop. The suggestions provided below on dealing with Separation Anxiety are just a few of the methods that have been proven successful. If the problem does not improve after making proper changes, professional help from a qualified veterinarian or trainer would be the next step.

Kennel Time

A misconception is that keeping a dog in a kennel while at work is cruel but in truth it provides a safe but also comfortable and secure place to stay while the owner is gone. Of course, it would be necessary to provide the dog with a large enough kennel to move around to a certain degree, as well as a clean and comfortable bed, access to food and water, and several safe toys for entertainment.

No Big Deal

Most people make a big deal when leaving for work by hugging or kissing their beloved dog. While this might be comforting to the pet owner, it actually creates problems for the animal. In fact, making a fuss about going to work and leaving a Yorkie home alone can be a trigger for Separation Anxiety. Many expert trainers agree that departure time should be quiet and uneventful. The dog will eventually figure out that the master is gone but without feeling overly anxious.

Positive Distractions

There are several different reasons that some dogs struggle with Separation Anxiety. For instance, certain breeds are more prone to this problem than others but in addition, boredom can be a contributing factor. Therefore, if someone has a dog that tends to chew on furniture, shoes, and other forbidden items, providing more interactive toys is an ideal solution. Today, the market is flooded with all types of standard and motorized toys that can keep a dog entertained for hours.

Creating Routine

The last suggestion when leaving a Yorkie alone for someone going to work is to create a routine. As an example, the routine could begin with 10 minutes of play time or perhaps a brisk walk. After going back inside, a couple of special treats would be placed on the dog’s bed or inside the kennel. Then, a simple “I’ll be back” would be provided as reassurance before leaving. Often, a simple routine is enough to keep a dog calm prior to the owner leaving but also while away from the home.

Latest Article

5 Small Dog Training Mistakes - Learn how to avoid the most common five small dog training mistakes that most pet owners make with easy to follow instructions.

Yorkie E-Book

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