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Yorkie Central, Issue #003
April 01, 2006

Welcome to Yorkie Central!

Issue: 3

April 2006

This month marks 4th month online.

Here at Yorkie Central we hope to give you the latest in Yorkshire Terrier and dog news in general.

During the month of April we hope to bring you further information on the topics you want. So get in touch and let us know what you want to see on this site.

As with everything else on the net you must keep in touch with what’s new.

This basically means that we will be adding a number of photos in the near future and quite a few more articles and pages.

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In this issue you will find:

  • Training for Dog Shows
  • Home prepared meals
  • Dog Food Recipe
  • In The News
  • Gifts for Yorkie Lovers

Training for Dog Shows

Preparing your Yorkie for a show!

If your Yorkshire Terrier has a good pedigree and you are thinking of showing him you will need to learn many things. There is a lot of work that has to go into this but at the same time, chances are you will have a really good time.

Specific Training

You must teach your Yorkie what is known as activity training. This form of training involves a lot of leash work so be sure that you have already used leash training. Your Yorkie will also be touched by the judge but he must not budge.

In order to get your Yorkie used to the evaluation section where he will be touched and checked in several areas you can begin with grooming. Grooming your dog should be something that you do quite regularly. Certainly, if you want your dog to be a successful show dog you must groom regularly.

Please read about Yorkshire Terrier Grooming. In a show environment a Yorkie will need to jump onto a table and then pose. This is a lot easier than you think.

If you do not have a grooming table there are other options. Use a rubber mat or anything that is nonslip. Get your Yorkie used to climbing up or jumping onto the table.

Once on the table get your Yorkie used to having its legs moved and remaining still for a few seconds at a time. If your Yorkie does not like staying in the same position for a few seconds at a time then start slowly. At first only keep him still for a couple of seconds and gradually build up.

As with all other forms of training, praise is of the utmost importance

Going to handling classes is also a great idea. These classes will put you and your Yorkie in an environment where there are other dogs and owners. If your Yorkie is already sociable you should not have much to worry about. However, if he is not this is a great place to start.

By using the Leash Training skills you have already learnt you will be able to navigate your Yorkie around the course. You must speak to your Yorkie and keep his head up. Change directions by just tugging slightly on the leash and praise when required.

Make sure your voice is happy and very welcoming, do not give your nervousness away!

You can practice all the 'show' elements by attending special classes that simulate show conditions. These are called Confirmation Classes. Watch as many shows as you possibly can, be it on television or live. The more experience you get, the better.

Keep your Yorkie sociable and happy

And Good Luck at your next show!

Home Prepared Meals

Up to know we have been discussing the different kind of commercial dog foods that are available. However, I have come across many dog owners that prefer to feed their dogs homemade meals. I was recently contacted by a reader with regards to home-prepared meals, so here you have it.

Dog Food Recipe

Once you have read our article on homemade dog food you can get started with this fantastic recipe.

We have found a recipe that is full of the right vitamins and minerals for your Yorkie.

What is better than some good homemade food!

Give this recipe a try and let us know how it went. Did your Yorkie want more?

Divine Doggy Dinner


1/2 lb. ground beef (OR turkey, chicken, lamb)

1/4 cup cooked rice

one small potato

1/2 carrot

1/4 cup greenbeans (about 5-8 beans)

1/4 tsp. garlic powder


Brown the meat in a pan. When completely cooked, drain the fat. Add the cooked rice; mix well. Set aside.

Cut the potato, carrot, and beans into small bite-sized pieces. Place in a pot with water; bring to a boil. Simmer until veggies are tender (about 15-20 minutes). Drain.

Add the vegetables to the meat mixture. Add garlic powder; toss thoroughly under low heat. Let the dinner cool thoroughly before serving to prevent burning. Yield: about 2 dinners

In the News

With Easter Egg season nearly upon us you can be sure that your Yorkie is going to be eyeing up the chocolate.

Last Easter a Labrador from Wimbledon, England, had an easter to forget.

WIth countless chocolate eggs laying around the house the labrador 'Esther' was getting ready for a feast. She was able to eat around twenty chocolate eggs but her stomach didn't agree with the idea.

If you have not read our article on Dogs and Chocolate do so now. It is important that as a responsible Yorkie owner you read this and learn about the dangers of chocolate.

Small dogs, like Yorkies, can not digest chocolate very well and this can lead to complications.

The labrador in Wimbledon experienced serious bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea, imagine what would happen to a Yorkie.

Gifts for Yorkie Lovers

We recently added a few pages with fantastic gifts for those of you who love Yorkies.

Check out the really cool posters and t-shirts. There are picture frames, jewellery and other items for around the house.

So, if you are a Yorkie Lover check out the gifts and treat yourself to something fabulous.

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think!

From all of us here at Yorkie Central have a great month! We look forward to hearing your comments and getting the next edition of Yorkie Central ready for you and your friends!


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