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Yorkie Central, Issue #025
March 31, 2008

Welcome to Yorkie Central!

Issue: 25

April 2008

This month marks 28th month online.

Here at Yorkie Central we hope to give you the latest in Yorkshire Terrier and dog news in general.

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In this issue you will find:

  • Dog Health – 5 Natural Ways To Increase Your Puppy's Energy Levels
  • In the News - Puppy Mills
  • Just Added

Dog Health – 5 Natural Ways To Increase Your Puppy's Energy Levels

Does your puppy have the attention span of a two-year-old child? And does he seem a little too fatigued and tired throughout the day? If you have already taken your dog to the veterinarian for a full examination and he checks out okay, you may want to take it upon yourself to help increase his energy levels and attention span by going the “natural” route.

Of course animal medicines do have their place, but if your veterinarian does not see a major health problem then your best choice is to follow some of the guidelines below to get your puppy feeling better and acting more alert:

1. As long as your puppy is more than six weeks old, try reducing his feeding times to only twice per day. In an attempt to keep our puppies growing and healthy, some dog owners make the mistake of overfeeding the little pups, which can result in lethargic energy levels as well as very short attention spans. You can help your puppy by cutting back on his meals.

2. Check the food labels and be sure that the food you are feeding your puppy has a complete digestibility level of at least 85% to 90%.

3. Protein is a very important nutrient for good health and energy in dogs. Unfortunately, many dog foods sold in stores are made up of mostly carbohydrates. Dogs need meat and lots of protein to be at their best. This is especially true of young puppies. So be sure that each meal has a high level protein source when feeding your puppy.

4. As far as supplements are concerned, it is always smart to first check with your veterinarian. But we have a recommendation that may help your dog and that is to supplement his food with brewers yeast. Brewers yeast is chock full of B vitamins and protein.

5. Last but not least, the latest trend in supplements for both people and animals are omega-3 fatty acids. But there is good reason for this popular trend and that is because these oils are extremely healthy and are known to raise concentration levels in dogs as well as create a healthy shine on their coat. You can find omega-3 fatty acids in fish oils and flaxseed oils.

In the News - Puppy Mills

I came across this shocking piece of news and thought I should include it in my newsletter to demonstrate how important it is to find a reputable breeder before you buy your dog.

‘Police rescued 49 dogs from what they described as squalid conditions at a puppy mill.

The dogs, mostly toy or designer breeds, reportedly were found living in cages stacked four high in a shed warmed by a space heater. Up to seven dogs were crowded into a cage, and many of the animals were found soaked with their own urine, their fur matted with feces, police said.

Investigators with the sheriff's department said the owner signed the dogs over to them. They said they did not expect to file charges against her for several days, and they would not name her, but they said her business is called Phoebee's Puppies.

The dogs - Yorkshire terriers, pugs, Chihuahuas, poodles and puggles among them - were brought to the PAWS animal shelter in Tinley Park, where they are to be shaved and washed and shaved again before being offered for adoption within a week or so. An emaciated Yorkie and an emaciated Boston terrier with an open sore on its leg were being examined by a veterinarian Saturday afternoon, said Ruby Wilson, a volunteer humane investigator with the shelter.

At the shelter, a choking smell and the excited yapping of a number of Yorkies filled one room where many of the dogs were being held.

"It's heartbreaking," Wilson said. "They're starved for attention. ... They were all very hungry."

Cook County investigator Larry Draus said he and several colleagues went to the woman's home to check out a tip they had received from the South Suburban Humane Society in Chicago Heights. After they knocked on the woman's door and spoke to her, she voluntarily opened her shed to them, he said.

"Obviously, she couldn't keep up" with the number of dogs in her care, Draus said. "They're in pretty bad shape." The woman, who did not return a phone call or an e-mail Saturday, was "very cooperative," according to Draus.

The dogs were being sold for upward of $650 each, according to Wilson, who said she exchanged e-mails with the owner after PAWS received a call from someone who said they had purchased what turned out to be a sick puppy from Phoebee's. Wilson said one simple way to avoid purchasing a pet that has been poorly treated is to insist on seeing the environment in which the animal was raised.'

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Just Added

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