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Yorkie Central, Issue #018
August 01, 2007

Welcome to Yorkie Central!

Issue: 18

August 2007

This month marks 20th month online.

Here at Yorkie Central we hope to give you the latest in Yorkshire Terrier and dog news in general.

During the month of August we hope to bring you further information on the topics you want. So get in touch and let us know what you want to see on this site.

As with everything else on the net you must keep in touch with what’s new.

This basically means that we will be adding a number of photos in the near future and quite a few more articles and pages.

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In this issue you will find:

  • Parasites – Get To Know These Annoying And Harmful Bugs
  • Just added

Parasites – Get To Know These Annoying And Harmful Bugs

Dog Fleas - Itchy!

At one point or another, your dog will catch a flea, and sometimes maybe even two. However, it only takes two fleas to create an entire army. Regardless of where you live, how often you take him outside, and how careful you are, there is a 99% chance that your dog will get a flea in his lifetime.

So how do you deal with this parasite issue? Getting rid of fleas is a big factor for dog owners. Some dogs are allergic and sensitive to flea bites and can get flea bite dermatitis, which is a skin condition that is painful and difficult to cure.

These nasty fleas can also cause tapeworms and anaemia in your pet. In rare but serious circumstances, fleas can carry bubonic plague to humans. On a less serious but nonetheless very annoying case, they can infest your home and live and breed underneath your carpet, your sofa, your furniture, and even under your bed!

Dog Ticks - Ouch!

This is another type of parasite that frequently attacks your dog. More than irritating your dog, ticks can transmit Lyme disease as well as other forms of illnesses. The tick has to attach itself to your pet for up to 72 hours to be able to transmit the disease. Although many illnesses that are associated with ticks are easily treatable, it is better to prevent it from happening.

Worms - Yuck!

These are also common parasites, but live inside your dog. Your pet can get these nasty pests by eating fleas, sniffing on other dog faeces, or through a mosquito bite. Your dog may even encountered one by simply walking, since some types of worms are easily absorbed through his feet (and also through yours).

There are several types of worms that can infest your dog. The most common ones are roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and heartworms. Roundworms and tapeworms are easily detected in your dog's faeces. Roundworms look like a spaghetti noodle and are transmitted to your dog by sniffing the faeces of an infected dog.

Tapeworms look like grains of white rice, and your dog catches them when they eat the infected fleas. Hookworms are transmitted to your dog through the faeces of roundworms and is carried to the intestinal tract. Heartworms are contracted by mosquitoes and are common during summertime and in places with warm climates.

Heartworms can be fatal. There is a preventive medicine that your dog can take in order to prevent this parasite from living inside his body. Also, have you vet test your pet for this type of worm as well as other worms during his yearly examination.

Just Added

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