Information on Grooming Yorkshire Terriers

Grooming Yorkshire Terriers

Those of you who have had the experience of grooming Yorkshire Terriers will agree that although it is time consuming it is also very rewarding. It is a basic part of dog care.

Keeping a Yorkshire Terriers' coat well groomed is a very important part of the caring process.

Your yorkie should be introduced to the idea of being groomed at an early age, say two or three months, when the coat is still under-developed. 

By familiarizing the puppy with this it will grow to enjoy it and will be accustomed to the long hours of grooming it will be faced with when it grows older.

Yorkshire Terriers are especially well known for their long silky coats, because of this the idea of 'coat care' is extremely important.

It is not a necessity for your Yorkie to have long haircut, in fact many owners prefer theirs to have it cut short because it is far easier to look after.

The most obvious problem with this type of coat, be it kept long or short, is the amount of time and money that can be spent in looking after it.

yorkie professional grooming

Grooming yorkshire terriers is time consuming and so if you don't have time to spend on it then don't get a dog that needs it.

Although you could have a go at being a dog hairdresser for a day it is a far better idea to get the professionals involved.

A professional groomer can be a bit expensive but it will be beneficial for your dog if its' coat is looked after properly.

Grooming Yorkshire Terriers, and any other dog, does not just involve their hair. It also includes its nails, ears, eyes and teeth. Although this may sound a bit strange to you it is important to look at all of these as parts of the grooming process.

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