4 week old yorkie puppy


I am wondering if my baby yorkie of about 4weeks needs to drink milk or water and if so should it be out of a bottle?


A yorkie pup of 4 weeks should not yet be away from his mother.

A puppy needs its mothers milk until at least 6 weeks of age and it also needs to be close to its siblings and start the whole socialising aspect of its life.

I do not know the reason why you have a yorkie of such a young age, but if it was sold to you please try to take it back to the breeder so that it can be back with its mum where it belongs.

If it was an abandoned pup that you are helping survive please get professional advice from a breeder.

Such a young yorkie will need constant care. You cannot leave it alone even for a few hours. It is very difficult for such a young pup to survive without it's mother.

I would suggest taking it back to it's mum to finish out the weaning process.

If this is not possible I would suggest going straight to the vet so that you can get some advice from him.

You will probably need to get a syringe to water feed such a small pup. You will also need puppy fomula and possibly a supplement such as nutrical.

I do not know what other information I can provide as I have never had to take care of such a small pup, but I think the best advice I can give you is to call a vet and a professional breeder for help.

However, if you can take it back to its mum please do!

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