2 Yorkies - Mother and Son


My Yorkie Grandbabies are a Mother Yorkie (Leah) and her son (Sampson).

They are 5 and 7 now and Leah licks/cleans Sampson's ears,face neck,and back many times every day.

Is this normal behavior for Leah to take care of her yorkie baby just because they still live together or what?


It is very common for dogs that live together to groom each other, whether they are biologically related or not.

Dogs that live in the same house are members of the same pack, so they see themselves as being related.

Leah’s grooming of Sampson is probably a case of her practicing her mother instincts, although it has less to do with the fact that they are mother and son and more to do with simply living in the same house together.

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